City Greens Market



4260 Manchester Ave

Saint Louis, MO 63110



Wednesday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 1pm - 6pm



(314) 884-8460




The mission of City Greens is to provide access to fresh, quality and affordable produce to neighbors, to promote healthy living in the community, and to provide space for members to interact. We believe we should have access to fresh fruits and vegetables here in our own neighborhood, Forest Park Southeast, so we source healthy, natural foods from local farmers and sell them at cost.

We make no profit from food sales because we think good food should be affordable and not a luxury item. Selling at cost also lets us support local farmers by doing the work of selling their food for them, so they can get back to farming.

We aim to provide all of the staple foods necessary to feed a family, without carrying many "specialty" foods, because we believe healthy eating starts with cooking simple and balanced meals. We teach cooking classes and frequently host cooking demonstrations in the store to help people learn how to form healthier eating habits and save money.


The Food We Sell


We buy nearly all of food directly from farmers and producers in the St. Louis area in order to have personal relationships with the people growing our food. We understand the difficulty of farming in a city where most of the area's grocery stores sell the cheapest food they can find, which usually means it comes from large-scale industrial farms in other parts of the world.


All of our produce was grown without chemicals and is not genetically modified. We only buy meat from farms that don't use antibiotics or artificial hormones, and we don't buy foods that contain artificial preservatives. By knowing the people who grow our food, we can ensure that they prioritize the healthiness of their food and their impact on the environment.


All of our eggs, meat, and dairy comes from farms that let their animals live happy lives in pastures. We don't support "factory farms" or CAFOs because we know that healthy meat comes from healthy animals, and animals should not have to suffer from harsh and unnatural living conditions.



We buy only the most delicious locally produced foods, including bean pies, jerk sauce, tofu, pita bread, pickles, coffee, etc. We often host cooking demonstrations and offer free samples to show off the work of our talented local chefs and bakers.

Get Involved


Become a Member

In order to make our food accessible to everyone in our community, we use an income-based sliding membership system to pay for all of our overhead (rent, staffing, utilities, etc.).  The price of your membership will be based on your ability to contribute, but after signing up there is no distinction between membership levels: everyone gets the same healthy food for the same price. We do this because we believe that good food is a fundamental right, and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income.
We invite anyone to shop at member prices 3 times before deciding to become a member or not.

sell us your produce

We think it is very important to know the people growing our food, and we strive to support local farmers and producers as much as possible. If you are farming in the St. Louis area, please reach out to us. Even if you just have extra vegetables you grew in your garden, let us know what you have and hopefully we'll buy it to sell in the market. If you are processing food in St. Louis, we might also be interested in carrying your products, as long as they are healthy and produced in a kitchen that has been certified by the Health Department.


Most of the day-to-day work at the market is done by an amazing group of committed community members who volunteer their time because they love their community and believe strongly in fair and equal access to healthy food.

We will gladly give anyone a free monthly membership if they volunteer at least 1 hour per week at the market. Volunteering is also a great way to get specialized job training and a good reference for future job searches!

We frequently work with interns and practicum students from SLU, Wash U, and participate in high school internship programs through Maplewood High School, SLU High, and STL Youth Jobs. If you are a student and are interested in working with us on a project related to social work, agriculture, dietetics, or nutrition, we'd love to help with your project.


Join us for an event

With the help of some of our producers, volunteers, and local organizations like Plenty STL, we regularly host cooking demonstrations at the market. We will be starting some cooking classes and groups in the near future. If you have an idea for an event that promotes healthy cooking and builds community, let us know and we can try to put something together.